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The Anatomy of the Final Table

It’s a bitch of a beast that wraps you up, draws you in—a Faustian parasite that promises much in the way of reward, sure, but demands a hefty chunk of psychic currency for the privilege. For the winner, it will all dovetail perfectly, energy well spent. For the other eight, years of what-ifs are in store.
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Vegas Seven, November 6, 2014
Vegas Seven, May 17, 2012
Ted Mikels Will Not Let Go

When he tells the story, it sounds to me like he may have claimed victory in a bout when all he did was land a couple of touches. Then I notice a saber, a foil and a fencing mask among the things casually scattered about his living room. If Mikels tells me right now he rode to movie sets on the back of a pegasus, I’d be half inclined to believe him. I am not, by nature, credulous.
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Faith No More Digs Out of the Grave
Pass the Big Bowl of Nothing
Premier Boxing Champions, November 26, 2015
Cuepoint (Medium), April  28, 2015

For every other boxer who has a fight between Black Friday and the middle of January? It means skipping out when everyone around you is indulging in a symphony of seasonal gluttony. Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year’s Day? Maybe all three? It all gets sacrificed to the scale.
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In a swirl of cosmic injustice, Faith No More and the proto-rap-rock of “Epic” were consigned to the pop culture collective unconscious as the face that launched a thousand ships, all of them christened SS Limp Bizkit.
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Art House Advantage
Vegas Seven, December 10, 2013

Anyone can look at an annual report and figure out how much gaming revenue different properties are generating—if you want to take the coward’s way out. But what we’d rather know is who was raking in more dough, Rick Blaine or Montgomery Burns? The mobsters behind the Tangiers or James Caan and his Montecito?
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How Badly Does Vegas Want the NHL?
Vegas Seven, January 15, 2015

William Foley’s father was in the Air Force, in Ottawa for three years in the early 1950s when Foley was just starting school. Under those circumstances, pond hockey isn’t so much something you take up as it is part of the atmosphere. You put on a hat because it’s cold, you go to school because you have to and you play pond hockey because it’s January in Canada.
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It's Naboo, Baby!
Desert Companion, December 22, 2015

It’s almost self-parody at this point that Star Wars planets only have one climate. Hoth is all tundra. Coruscant is all city. Endor is all forest. In that tradition, desert planets are the dry-aged porterhouse of single-climate planets. Tattooine appears in five of the six movies so far, and Awakens is heavy on another dustball, Jakku. Why go all the way to Tunisia when you could set up a few Jawas on the valley’s ridges and boulders?
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ason Scavone is a 1998 graduate of Lex Luthor University, where he majored in Mad Science with a minor in Evil Business Administration. He's since been a nonstop disappointment to his mother by failing to put that education to work, instead taking up residence as an award-winning Las Vegas-based writer.


Although he still maintains a hobbyist’s interest in devising a chemical formula that when slipped into their respective water supplies will bring both Metropolis and Gotham City to their knees, he spent most of his time writing as a staff brand journalist for national boxing promotion Premier Boxing Champions; as Vegas Seven magazine's associate editor; freelancing for Las Vegas Weekly, Desert Companion, Medium's Cuepoint and The Smith Center; and managing DailyFiasco.com, Las Vegas' drinkin'est, fightin'est, handsomest entertainment and nightlife blog.


ot a project that needs writing? Blog that needs blogging? Tweet that needs to be twoted? (That's the proper past tense. Trust me, I'm a professional.) Let me know your needs. All copy delivered clean, on deadline and in beautiful, glorious AP Style. 



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